Upgraded Contractor Assessment Tool

Upgraded Contractor Assessment Tool

We are excited to announce new content and functionality for the Contractor Assessment Matrix (CAM). CAM is used by purchasing organizations to assess contractor suitability and compliance to corporate standards.

CAM is an excellent tool for contractor general screening. The utility allows purchasers to identify critical prequalification elements based on the category and risk profile of the contractor.

CAM is a scalable and customizable gap analysis utility that determines compliance to critical prequalification requirements. By comparing contractor document submittals and questionnaire responses, mitigation actions are quickly identified and tracked. Unlike costly and inefficient desk top evaluations, CAM provides a time-effective, fit-for-purpose, contractor assessment.


  • 5 New Criteria Sections – All criteria have been categorized into easy to navigate sections including: Commercial/Capacity, Contractor Management, Health, Safety and Environmental Management System, Health Safety and Environmental Performance and Quality Management Systems.
  • Increased Criteria Components – CAM provides a user-selectable palette of 41 key prequalification elements.
  • Completely Customizable & Scalable – Configure CAM reports for each customized questionnaire template. Effectively assess contractors using criteria pertinent to your corporate standards.
  • Report Retention & Tracking – CAM reports can now be saved, logged per user and dated for future viewing.

For more information on CAM or to register for a product demonstration, please contact us!

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